The first section of the workshop includes refreshing and didactic presentations that help attendees understand the science of regenerative healing and be able to explain it to patients.  Attendees will be provided the most up-to-date research regarding the ideal PRP formulation.  A summary of the PRP research will be presented so attendees will have a solid understanding regarding the use of PRP in orthopedic applications and how different PRP formulations affect different treatment sites.  Workshop attendees will be taught which factors and cell ratios are crucial in selecting a PRP system to optimize clinical impact for patients.

A light lunch will be provided.  During the lunch break, attendees are encouraged to mingle and visit with their colleagues.  During this time, innovative ideas about best practices are shared.

The afternoon section includes individualized, hands-on teaching during which each attendee will be able to prepare a PRP solution and observe it being injected into a live patient.  There will be opportunity for attendees to ask medical assistants, office managers, and real-time providers about best practices and see how a streamlined PRP practice can be run.

The workshop will conclude with a presentation and discussion on how best to implement PRP into clinical practice.  This will include a brief presentation on topics such as pricing, coding/billing, informed consent, and marketing approaches to launch a successful PRP practice.  The workshop will conclude with a recap/overview along with a question and answer period.

Special 2019 Promotion: up to 75% of the workshop tuition ($600) will be applied as a credit toward an initial 10-kit purchase made by workshop attendees.

About Ryan Riggs, M.D. (Salt Lake City, UT)

Dr. Riggs is a specialist in regenerative orthobiologics. He has researched and sampled many PRP systems and is passionate about the Tropocells PRP system because of its unique  cell-separation technology and optimized formulation.

His Salt Lake City-based clinic focuses on  musculoskeletal disorders and how to reverse the effects of degenerative conditions.  He implemented PRP treatment in 2014 and has noticed the improved quality of life in his patients.

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