Is PRP Truly Regenerative?

Regeneration is the process of healing and renewal, something the human body does naturally. We are in a constant state of regeneration, replacing old

Tropocells® PRP – Easy to Understand and Easy to Use

After watching a simple 4-minute instructional video, novice users can prepare Tropocells® PRP as flawlessly as an experienced user.   The preparation process is intuitive, simple, and easy to follow. The time it takes from patient arrival to injection time is 15 minutes. Tropocells® PRP technology is designed to simplify the PRP preparation process. It is […]

Tropocells® PRP System on the Top Edge of Safety Standards

Historically, PRP is a treatment that is considered to be safe. Because the PRP sample originates from a patient’s own body, the risk of an allergic reaction is vanishingly rare. The inherent risks with any PRP system are similar across the board—transmission of a blood-borne illness, infection, and pain at the injection-site. That being said, the […]

Tropocells® PRP – Gold Standard in PRP Separation Technology.

Thanks to innovative gel-barrier separation technology, Tropocells® PRP can reliably deliver the optimal PRP formula of 100% removal of RBCs, 93% removal of neutrophils, and preserving the monocytes and lymphocytes. This is an innovative and technological breakthrough that has made Tropocells® PRP the new golden standard for PRP systems. Unique patented gel allows to separate […]